Caesar Pleaser

Powdered tomato clam cocktail mix. Simply add 1 package to 1 litre of water and mix well. Makes 8 (1 oz liquor combined with 4 ozs drink mix). Excellent for travelers, outdoorsmen, cottage users, campers, and anglers. It is easy to mix , convenient & light-weight.

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Caesar Pleaser
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5:39 PM January 18th 2016
by John Read
I can now travel without fear of the withdrawal symptoms, from being denied the occasional Bloody Caesar. Whatever slight difference there may be in taste is completely masked after adding the Lea & Perrins, rimmer, horse radish and lime.
A wonderful product! Try a gin Caesar.
4:12 PM November 17th 2014
by Nel Cameron
Really, THANK YOU!!!! I bought some of these in Canada a while ago as I love my caesars. But I live in Costa Rica and Clamato juice here is horrendously expensive. I found these in the fishing section at Walmart and bought all they had. I cannot thank you enough for such a great product. You rock!!!!!